Blackout Curtains For Windows

There’s a sliding scale of protectiveness with window treatments. On one end, you have transparent tinted shades that just take the edge off of the sunlight and don’t do much else. On the other, you have blackout curtains. The most protective option against sunlight and nosy neighbors alike, blackout window curtains provide total concealment without blocking off airflow or window access.

With smart Lutron or Somfy controls and motorization features, motorized blackout curtains for your Los Angeles windows provide a wonderful shading solution. You can control exactly how much sunlight you let in with blackout window curtains using Lutron or Somfy controls for ultimate motorization.

What Makes “Blackout” Window Curtains?

Technically, any curtain that reflects or absorbs 100% of the sunlight that hits it is a blackout curtain. How it accomplishes this is immaterial. If you have a free-hanging sheet that blocks all light and allows no visibility when drawn, then you have a blackout window curtain. In practice, most of these curtains are made of polyester sheets with acrylic backing. The name is a little bit misleading because “blackout” window curtains don’t need to be black, or even dark-colored at all. In fact, white blackout curtains are the most popular color these days!

You can order a set of these curtains in any color, not to mention patterns, designs, and embellishments. It’s a category that includes lots of diversity. Nowadays, you can also put motorized blackout curtains on remote or automatic control for all-day light regulation.

Where To Put Blackout Curtains?

The most commonplaces for blackout window curtains are in Los Angeles bedrooms. Not only is that the place where you most want privacy, but it’s also where sunlight can cause the most damage and annoyance.

If you’re a light sleeper, semi-translucent curtains aren’t going to cut it for you. The same applies to guestrooms, especially if you’re running any kind of commercial hospitality like a bed & breakfast. Galleries, living rooms, and parlors all benefit from this kind of protection. Any room with a window you can see through from outside and that contains valuables is also an obvious place for blackout window curtains.

Motorized Curtains Or Draperies?

Technically, a lot of blackout window curtains are actually draperies. The difference is largely one of length, with blackout draperies hanging down to the floor while short curtains only cover the window itself. As well, short motorized curtains are sometimes mounted on sliding mounts or hooks, while motorized draperies can only be pulled aside and tied back. Which kind should you choose? Well, it depends on what look and feel you want, how tall the window is. Motorized blackout curtains are an easier design since curtains have a simpler opening method. That said, motorized blackout drapes are totally possible for Los Angeles windows or skylights, and popular to put on wall windows and sliding glass doors too.

Somfy or Lutron motorized curtains and draperies offer you the ultimate shading solution for convenience and energy efficiency. Motorization of window curtains has become the go-to choice, as it sports many benefits.

How Can I Embellish My Blackout Curtains?

Curtains with valences, tassels, and fringes have been used to spruce up houses for hundreds of years, and blackout curtains are no exception. While decorative slits aren’t the best idea for a window treatment that’s supposed to be completely opaque, additions and sidepieces are. Some lighter side-curtains or valences make a blackout drapery that much more impressive and pleasant to look at. Put some less complete shades or translucent curtains under the blackouts, and you have more options for light control.

Motorized Blackout Curtains Made To Size – Los Angeles Area

We offer all local residences and businesses fully custom made window curtains and draperies with smart Somfy motorized control options. You can utilize motorized curtains, blackout or sheer, for a multitude of uses. And the beautiful designs help elevate the décor too. Our blackout curtains are in-house designs, and with our free consultation and measuring you can get yours made to perfect spec. Give us a call today, and get started on classic or motorized blackout curtains for nearby Los Angeles homes, office spaces, or others in any style you want!

Why Blackout Curtains?

Whether for the privacy benefits or the effective sleep-facilitating room darkening qualities, blackout window curtains have some fantastic advantages making them great additions to bedrooms and other living spaces.

Complete Sunlight Control

Blackout curtains can block sunlight fully, letting you control exactly how much daylight streams inside.

Privacy At Any Hour

With full opacity, blackout curtains offer the ideal privacy shading solution for both day and night hours.

Elegant Drapery Solutions

With their classic style, curtains, blackout or other opacity levels, make for an amazing aesthetic choice for different rooms.

Options For Blackout Curtains & Draperies

Harness traditional décor with impactful sunlight management potential.


Bedroom Curtains – Better Sleep

Room darkening drapery assist in creating the ideal conditions for sleep, a major contributor to health and wellness.


Motorized Drapery

Enjoy the smooth and noiseless movement of your window curtains with the classic style that makes blackout curtain solutions so popular.


Curtains, Valances & Other Styles

Elevate the look of any indoor space by combining drapery with blinds or going for blackout curtains with furnishes, valances, and other enhancements that pique your interest.

Commercial Use For Blackout Curtains

Restaurants and Hotels

Easily enhance the décor in any space, big or small, with the lavish elegance provided by custom curtains and draperies.

Health & Wellness Centers

The traditional look and feel of blackout curtains and drapery contribute to a pleasant indoor ambiance suitable for optimizing comfort and calmness.

Office Spaces

Effectively block sunlight glare with blackout curtains to protect employee vision and keep motivation high with pleasant indoor conditions.

Combine Aesthetic With Utility via Custom Blackout Curtains

The world of curtains and draperies is vast and wide, with many possibilities for all sorts of living spaces and commercial uses. Blackout curtains offer a fantastic shading solution due to their enhanced privacy, eye comfort, and soothing qualities – find out what different curtain and drapery options might suit your needs with a free in-person consultation from Master Blinds’ design team!

Warranty & Safety

Learn about the Limited Lifetime Warranty on our custom aluminum blinds and why we care about making all our products safe for all rooms.

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