Choose The Right Exterior Shade Solutions

Whether for a patio in the backyard, a garden, or a front yard porch area, exterior shades can make outdoor spaces more comfortable. With pergola screens and patio covers, you can create a convenient setting for an outdoor lounge area, never worrying about harsh sunlight beating down on you when you’re trying to relax.

Exterior shades provide a range of shading solutions for outdoors, making patios, porches, and pavilions more inviting and beautiful at the same time.

Made-to-Measure Outdoor Shades

When it’s a pleasant day outside and you want to have a little get together, you don’t have to wait until the afternoon for the sunlight to become less harsh. Our outdoor shades, free standing or attached, let you enjoy everything from birthdays to family gatherings in shaded comfort. Our motorized patio covers can protect you from dangerous UV rays and blazing sunlight with the push of a button. That way, you can enjoy the fresh air outside without worrying about sunburns.

We offer custom made outdoor shades and patio covers for Los Angeles backyards, porches, gardens, and more. You can choose free standing, attached, and even motorized patio covers and outdoor shades or deck covers and patio shades. To find out more, arrange for a free estimate on any type of outdoor shades or covers you want.

Optimize Shade Outdoors

You love spending time outdoors when the air is fresh and the weather is nice. But if there’s harsh sunlight in your eyes or searing your skin, that’s not exactly fun. Exterior shades help prevent that to maintain a pleasant stay outdoors.

Master Blinds’ custom outdoor shade solutions help turn patios and porch areas into enjoyable outdoor spaces. You can manage sunlight manually or at the push of a button, thanks to custom exterior shade solutions that optimize your outdoor lounge area to become a comfortable spot.

Exterior Shades for Outdoor Spaces

From deck covers to pergola screens and motorized patio shades, choose the exterior shades that give any outdoor space an aesthetic and functional enhancement. From large patio areas in need of shade to pool decks you want to improve with free standing sail shades or other solutions – Master Blinds helps ensure you always find the perfect exterior shading systems for your specific requirements.

Which Exterior Shades Suit You?

Enjoying spending time outdoors depends on your comfort levels, and nothing spoils that faster than the blazing sun constantly forcing you to squint or beating down on your unprotected skin. Outdoor shade systems help you maximize comfort without splurging, providing sunlight management for patios, pool deck areas, porches, and more.

Deck Cover Options

Whether for a deck or a brick patio space, a solid deck patio cover will keep you cool and shaded all day long.

Remote Control Outdoor Shades

Push the button and roll down the exterior shades whenever the sun creates discomfort while you’re enjoying the breeze.

A view at a luxury patio covered with white shading system

Patio Shade Systems

Sun glaring down at an odd angle? Custom made motorized patio shades will provide shade whenever and wherever you need it.

Different Outdoor Shades For Patios & Decks

Whatever outdoor shade structure or platform you have, Master Blinds helps you find the optimal exterior shading solution for it made from high-end materials with excellent functionality.


Pergola Screens

Roll down the screens on the sides or overhead and enjoy lounging in your patio space under cool conditions all day long.


Patio Cover

Extend a cover out to protect your patio space when the sun gets too hot. Perfect for restaurants and residential properties.


Outdoor Roller Shades

Enhance the look of large patios with rolling shade systems that can add privacy in addition to amazing sunlight management.

Outdoor Shades For Industries

Perfect Protection For Commercial Outdoor Spaces

Whether to shield seating arrangement from harsh sunlight or to add another protection layer to large window walls, exterior shades offer a great solution for many businesses.

Comfortable Restaurant Experiences

People love eating outside, but not when the blazing sun makes it unbearable. Create optimal conditions for customers with outdoor roller shades and covers to protect your outdoor tables.

Storefront Shades

Make the front of your business more inviting by adding large cover overhead or side shades to extend past the entrance and make customers more likely to stop by.

From Patios to Pools

Book a free in-person consultation with Master Blinds and pick the best type of outdoor roller shades, screens, or overhead covers for residential or commercial properties.

Warranty & Safety

Learn about the Limited Lifetime Warranty on our custom aluminum blinds and why we care about making all our products safe for all rooms.

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