A view to kithcen window covered with layered shades

Layered Shades Are Perfect For Every Room

Thanks to their versatility, layered shades can be used in any room in your home. At Master Blinds, we offer a broad range of color options and can assist you to find the best option for your needs.

Choose neutral or earthy tones to create a warm, cozy atmosphere in your lounge or family room, or opt for light and bright colors to liven up a dull kitchen or bathroom. And in bedrooms, go for room-darkening colors that are conducive to a relaxing environment for restful sleep. Remember, the shading you choose should match and complement the décor around it.

A detail view at a den with canape near window covered with layered shades

A Combination Of Style & Function

Layered shades are window treatments that are not only beautiful but are also contemporary and functional. These shades make it easy for you to control the light in your rooms with their alternating layers of sheer and opaque fabrics. They are great for privacy, and when the darker strips of fabrics are aligned, can block out prying eyes.

When you want a view of the outside, they can be opened to the light-filtering position, or raised partially or fully according to your preference. These shades can also protect your furniture since they block out harmful UV rays that cause fading. They can be operated with a cord or without one for a more child and pet-friendly option.

A male hand installing layered shading system on a window

The Best Shade Installation Specialists Nearby

Our layered shades are made from durable material and will last for years with proper care. Day-to-day maintenance is simple, requiring nothing more than regular dusting or vacuuming and occasional spot removal with a mild detergent.

Contact the Master Blinds design team today for a free in-home consultation with expert advice and guidance from one of our helpful window treatment designers! You can schedule your appointment online at any time.

Advantages of Layered Shades

Layered shade systems combine the best of both worlds, providing sophisticated alternating solutions for sunlight management. With sheer and dark strips that can overlap each other as needed, you can diffuse sunlight for natural illumination or cover the sheerness with room darkening shade stripes that provide privacy and comfort. Layered shade offer a sophisticated solution for windows, with a modern aesthetic that optimizes functionality and décor at the same time.

A man is opening layered shades

Better Sunlight Management

Utilize natural lighting with diffused sunlight, and switch your layered shades to the darker setup when you need some eye reprieve or privacy.

Office desk near blue layered window shades

Unique & Colorful Shade Layers

When it comes to combining different bright and dark colors, layered shades do it better than any other window treatment option with a truly diverse décor palette.

Living room detail with a sofa in front of layered window shades

Inventive & Sophisticated Shading Solutions

The innovative way layered shade systems can alternate from sunlight diffusion to room darkening qualities make them a welcomed addition to any space.

Why Layered Shades For Windows?

Many clients contemplate between sheer shades or room darkening window treatments for different rooms. With layered shades, you can get both, in a single rolling package.

A view at a purple bedroom with layered shades

What Layered Shades Offer You

Create a unique interior décor pattern with the dynamic look of layered shade systems on your living room, bedroom, or kitchen windows!

A view to a modern living room with white layered shades on a glass wall

New Age Design Elegance

Choose layered shades to give any room a special look and feel that you can change at any point by increasing or decreasing natural light diffusion to optimize comfort levels throughout the day.

A close view at a kitchen sink and a white layered shades on a window

Manage Sunlight Easily

Whether it’s too bright and you need to darken the room or it’s time to utilize sunlight diffusion for some natural brightness, layered shades offer highly functional solutions.

How Layered Shades Improve Commercial Spaces

Layered Shade Systems – Effortless Sunlight Management

Manage daylight presence indoors with ease by switching from room darkening to sheer mode and enjoy how functional layered shade systems enhance the ambiance.

Hotel studio with sun diffusing white layered shades on windows

Layered Shades For Hotel Rooms

An inventive and functional look and style make layered shades great for enhancing guest comfort.

A look at desk and layered window shades in a home office space

Layered Shades in Office Spaces

Add some creativity to office décor with an effective sunlight management solution that protects employees from uncomfortable sunlight glare.

Can Layered Shades Solve Your Shading Needs?

Find out more about layered window treatments by scheduling a no-obligation free in-person consultation with the Master Blinds design team.

Warranty & Safety

Learn about the Limited Lifetime Warranty on our custom aluminum blinds and why we care about making all our products safe for all rooms.

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