Roman-Style Shades Like Drapes Without The Clutter

If you love the aesthetic appeal of drapes, but don’t have the wall space for them, Roman shades are definitely for you. These window coverings are made from a single piece of fabric and, because they hang flat, have a more streamlined appearance than drapes. They settle into neat folds at the top of your window when fully retracted, leaving you to enjoy unobscured exterior views.

A Myriad Of Styles & Designs

Roman shades rank amongst the most versatile of all window treatments. They can be plain or feature a printed and textured design. You can have them perfectly matched to your furniture upholstery or simply use them to bring out an accent color in a room. Choose a translucent fabric to gently diffuse light or a heavier fabric to darken your bedroom at night.

With an almost endless range of design and fabric options, you’re limited only by your imagination when it comes to these shades. They also work well in any room – making a lounge, dining room, study, or bedroom more inviting, or adding a touch of luxury to your bathroom with some romantic shading.

Timeless & Functional Roman Shades For Windows

Despite roman shades being around for centuries, they remain timeless and suit both traditional and contemporary homes. Apart from their classy appearance, they bring other benefits too, particularly when they are made-to-measure like the ones we offer at Master Blinds. You can have a lining on the back of your shades for increased privacy or to better retain heat in your home. They can also provide effective UV screening, protecting your furniture from fading due to sun exposure. Roman shades make for one of the most versatile shading solution for residences and workplaces.

Roman Window Shade Installation Professionals

Ready to have your windows measured for new shades? Master Blinds’ experts will help you find the most aesthetic Roman-style shade solutions for any room, with beautiful coverings available for skylights, window walls, and glass doors as well. Start by contacting us to schedule a free in-person consultation on Roman shades anywhere near Los Angeles.

Different Roman Shades For Windows

Versatility is a major advantage of Roman-style shades for windows and other glass openings. From lavish looks and lots of pleats to Roman shading options that combine different styles and features for an expansive and elegant décor look. Choose the style of Roman shades that you like best to have them custom made for your specific needs.

Blackout Roman Shades

Preserve privacy and darken rooms comfortably with Roman-style solutions that take décor to a new level.

Flat Roman Shades

Embrace the structured look to enjoy beautiful design patterns and uncluttered aesthetics that stay pristine opened or closed.

Roman Shades With Curtains

With such an overflow of style you can bring newfound elegance and traditional aesthetics to any living space.

Roman Shades – Best Features

Adopt traditional décor with new age sophistication for the best of both worlds.


Diverse & Adaptable Shade Styles

From fishtail, loose, flat, and more, Roman shades for windows have a lot of different styles that make them suitable for all sorts of spaces and décors.


Cordless Shade Operation

Whether motorized Roman shades or simply cordless manual ones, childproof Roman shades let you enjoy stylish choices even in nurseries.


Sunlight Diffusing Roman Shades

You can choose between full opacity blackout Roman shades to completely darken rooms or sheer Roman-style coverings that let in soft sunlight and create a pleasant ambiance.

Roman Shades For Commercial Use

Restaurants and Hotels

The lavish and versatile styles of Roman shade solutions help you create the most welcoming indoor ambiance for hospitality and dining experiences.

Architecture Firms

Complement the planned blueprints with custom Roman shade systems that fit with the structured design perfectly.

Office Spaces

Rise above the drab and boring workplace looks with office Roman shades made to invigorate the environment and positively impact employee motivation.

Schedule a Free In-Person Consultation On Roman Style Shades

We can’t emphasize versatility enough when it comes to Roman window shades, as well as the cordless and child-safe features that make these stylish shading solutions perfect for so many spaces. Find out more about how Roman shades can fit your windows by booking an appointment for a free in-home consultation with Master Blinds’ top designers.

Warranty & Safety

Learn about the Limited Lifetime Warranty on our custom aluminum blinds and why we care about making all our products safe for all rooms.

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