A Combination Of Blinds & Drapes

When you want window treatments that are sophisticated and classy, sheer shades are the ones for you. The blinds are constructed with sheer fabric panels on the front and back, with fabric vanes suspended in between. This unique design delivers the advantages of Venetian blinds, but with a softer, aesthetically appealing appearance. They’re a perfect combination of drapes and blinds, making them an easy compromise for people who like both.

This type of shading is are available in neutral, earthy tones and bold colors to complement the decor in any home or office. Sheer shades are more than just a great look for your windows, they also offer many useful functions and benefits.

Sheer Shades Offer The Ultimate In Light Control

The blinds filter sunlight through the sheer panels, creating a warm, ambient atmosphere, without the glare, while giving you a view of the outside. The vanes can open completely, or be tilted to give you further control over the way the light enters the room or can be partially closed to the desired level.

When privacy is necessary, the vanes can be closed entirely. These blinds can block out UV rays, which is great news for your furniture, floors, and electronics.

Energy-Efficient & Durable Shade Systems

Sheer shades can provide additional insulation and are energy-efficient, so you may just see a reduction in your energy bills from having them installed. For blinds that appear quite delicate, they are surprisingly durable, thanks to the materials they’re made from.

You can get anything from long-lasting linens to silky fabric shading. They are operated with or without a cord and offer the option of automation. At Master Blinds, we work with you to design the perfect blinds to suit your needs. Talk to us today!

Custom Designed Sunlight Diffusing Window Coverings

Sheer shade systems let you leverage natural daylight without the harshness! Eliminate glare and filter out those harmful UV rays while still benefiting from the greenest energy source around – the sun. Sheer shades for windows offer you lots of versatility and tons of utility.

Sheer Roller Shades

Tug on the covers and diffuse sunlight across the whole window.

Roman-style Sheers

A beautiful shading aesthetic that enhances sunlight management.

Sheer Screens

For sliding glass doors, window walls, and more!

Optimal Sheer Shade Options

Combine design with utility to have sheer shading systems custom made for your specific needs.


Motorized Sheer Shades

Automated or remote controlled shading systems let you control sunlight diffusion with the push of a button.


Natural Daylight Diffusion

Harness the softening qualities of sheer shade systems to enjoy natural lighting without the downsides.


Eye Protecting Window Shades

Soften all the sunlight streaming through larger glass openings with sheer shades that offer enhanced privacy and eye care.

Sheer Shades For Different Industries

Offices & Meeting Rooms

Improve employee motivation and wellbeing with sunlight diffusing sheer shades that protect eyes from harsh glare.

Architecture & Interior Design

Optimize natural light usage with sheer shade systems that elevate décor for commercial or residential properties.

Health & Wellness Facilities

Harness diffused sunlight using sheer window shades that create soothing indoor environments using natural daylight.

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Take advantage of natural daylight with sunlight diffusing sheer shades that let you get all the benefits of the sun without any drawbacks. Find out more about different sheer shading solutions for your home or commercial spaces with a free in-person consultation from Master Blinds’ shade experrts!

Warranty & Safety

Learn about the Limited Lifetime Warranty on our custom aluminum blinds and why we care about making all our products safe for all rooms.

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