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The Four Best Blinds For Bedroom Windows

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The Four Best Blinds For Bedroom Windows

The Four Best Blinds For Bedroom Windows | Sherman Oaks Master Blinds LA

Every room with windows should have blinds or curtains of some kind. Bedrooms need window coverings more than other parts of your home. Master Blinds has some suggestions on what you can do with coverings for the bedroom windows of your LA property. It's important you get the most comfort, privacy, and sunlight control. Remember to reach out to us if you'd like more advice or to get a free estimate on any type of bedroom blinds.

Drapery was meant to go over blinds or shades. This adds to the overall décor of the room and brings an extra touch of style. But curtains and drapes also have something to offer when it comes to blocking sunlight. The benefits of bedroom drapes are very significant.

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  1. Total Blackout Blinds

    • If your bedroom blinds or shades are made from these opaque fabrics, you can have the protectiveness of solid wood with the comfort and airiness of cloth. The advantages of blackout shades include:
    • Total opacity. So little sunlight gets through a good blackout fabric layer that it might as well be stone. No being woken up early or worrying about wallpaper or furniture when these are down! They also protect your privacy very well.
    • Diversity of form. You can have custom made shades, pleats, cloth blinds, curtains, or drapes made from these materials just as easily. Since the light is blocked by the material itself rather than the color, you can feel free to have them in lighter colors. Even pure white!
    • Ease of motorization. Due to the full protection and relatively light weight of some blackout shades, they do well with timer or sensor controlled automation. When you want to be woken up, the sun comes in!
  2. Top Down Opening Blinds

    • Top-down blinds can open upside-down, the screen folding or collapsing downward rather than up. The benefits of this design for a bedroom blinds set aren’t obvious at first. But they’re considerable!
    • No sunlight in yours eyes. If you’d like some natural sunlight in your bedroom, but still be able to rest on the bed while the sun is up, top down blinds have the answer. Leaving these screens partway open lets sunlight in through the top, lighting the room but keeping the beams well above the bed.
    • No sunlight on the furniture. In just the same way, top-down blinds keep the room well lit while keeping the sunlight off of any delicate furniture. Free lighting and heating without the risk of UV damage!
    • Solar shades and top down blinds. If you have room in your window frame, a heavy top-down blind set over some thin solar shades can add more options and more protection. Now your wallpaper is also protected from the UV light. When you aren’t resting, you have the choice of full, filtered, partial, or no sunlight in your bedroom in any combination.
  3. Cellular Shades For High Efficiency

    • Cellular shades are made up of many synthetic or wooden tubes layered atop one another. Their heat-efficiency makes them equally useful in living rooms and in bedrooms. This extra thermal insulation makes cellular shades an excellent choice for more than just sleeping areas. They're also great for office spaces and other parts of your home. But the bedroom is definitely a great place to install cellular shades.
    • Climate control. Cellular shades are designed to prevent the room from getting hotter or colder than you want it. These shades can keep your bedroom cozy in all seasons with much less electric air conditioning or heating required.
    • Near or total blackout. Depending on the material, density, and layered thickness of their tubules, cellular shades can be very obscuring. With the right design and good fitting, they can keep out sunlight and prying eyes just as well as blackout blinds.
    • Embellishment compatible. Put a sheer cloth layer over your cellular screen, and it can be whatever colors in whatever patterns you want. If there’s any space for light to get in between the tubes, this layer will also help filter it.
  4. Put Some Drapes Over It

    • Bilateral control. By combining thin solar shades with blackout drapes, or more protective blinds with lighter curtains, you give yourself more options. The area of incoming light, the intensity of it, and its existence can be tweaked however you want from moment to moment.
    • Ornate elegance. Drapes over blinds make for a rich and elaborate touch whether they’re open or closed. Pick the right styles and colors, and they can look gorgeous without seeming too heavy or overdesigned.
    • Redundancy. Sometimes curtains catch or blinds tear or fold. With multiple layers, you still have fairly good sunlight and privacy protection until you can get the damage repaired.

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