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A Guide To Somfy Shading and Controls

Somfy Blinds & Controls

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A Guide To Somfy Shading and Controls

A Guide To Somfy Shading and Controls | Los Angeles Master Blinds

Somfy is possibly the biggest name in smart home and business appliances. At least regarding automated shading solutions. A huge amount of the world’s largest office buildings uses their products. Somfy blinds and controls aren't just for multinationals, though. Local Los Angeles businesses and residential houses also have uses for these window shading control products. With Somfy, you can control motorized blinds and shades however you want. You can even have your automatic window coverings shift according to brightness/temperature levels or weather conditions. With their excellent products, you can create the perfect set of automatic window treatments to suit any part of your office or home. The ease of control, smooth movement, and enhanced features are just the tip of the iceberg.

Large Scale Management Software

Somfy’s Animeo series building management program offers a lot of utility. Why? Because it can synchronize various aspects of a single property to work together. It can coordinate fans, ventilation systems, and automatic blinds and shades throughout a structure of any size. The most inexpensive and residentially focused models can coordinate several dozen motorized appliances. On the other hand, the most powerful versions have a maximum of eight hundred or more devices under simultaneous control. These systems act on information pulled from the world wide web. A.k.a – online. They can also aggregate information received from local input devices as well as motors. This includes things like security cameras, motion sensors, and thermometers or photodetectors. They can even receive input from voice commands or keyboard interfaces.

Powered Curtains And Their Mountings

Somfy products work with blinds and shades of all sorts of materials and styles. From vinyl and plastic to cotton and velvet, from solar roller shades to pleated Roman style ones. Sliding curtains and other horizontally opening and retracting coverings have become especially popular. Take Somfy motorized rollers, powered curtain tracks, and electric vertical blind sliders for example. They are some of the most resistant to breakdown and wear and tear in the world. Their infrastructure and housing assemblies work great to secure window blinds in place. They ensure smooth and efficient movement day in and day out.

Smart Home Controls

Somfy is a pioneer of artificially intelligent or voice-activated home system controls. But apart from the standard wall switches and remote controls, they have more to offer.  Take their Tahoma smart control system, for example. With it, you can instruct your blinds, shades, and curtains to open and close in response to various input devices. This includes sensor stimulates and online weather reports. In addition, the Tahoma system allows for remote handsets and smartphones or tablets to provide input commands. By syncing your Somfy blinds with an Alexa or another personal assistant program, you can open and close your powered window coverings with voice commands.

A Diverse Range of Input Data

Both Tahoma and Somfy’s secondary home management system, Connexoon, come with a smartphone app. This allows them to enable secure remote control and status updates regardless of distance. These products make for fantastic additions to any residential property. They can truly make your home smarter in terms of light control. Using your smartphone or tablet to control your blinds and shades offers a lot of benefits. Besides convenience, this can reduce your energy bill (long-term) and enhance your home security.

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