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How To Control Your New Somfy Motorized Shades

Control Your New Somfy Motorized Shades | Sherman Oaks, LA

One of the best news for anyone looking to install new window coverings is the ability to fit in motorized systems. With the help of smart, new technology, these shades can be controlled remotely by using a few different methods. You are no longer limited to a simple wall-mounted controller. With apps, sensors and smart home assistants all playing a part, you can easily make your home a tiny bit more convenient.

With that in mind, which type of control system will benefit you most? Our quick guide will cover and help you see some of the ways in which Somfy products can be effectively managed.

Remote Control Systems

The most straightforward and familiar way for controlling motorized shades is with a handheld remote. These offer a convenient way to take charge of your blinds without having to go over to a wall-mounted panel. Simply leave the window coverings controller near your living room sofa, and you can regulate the levels of natural light without ever having to get up.

Wall Mounted Control Panels

If your property is fitted with a range of Somfy products, it might be wise to invest in a centralized control panel. This is a great way to set the state of the blinds all over the home. This way, if you’re going out for the day you can easily close the upstairs windows on your way out the front door. The Somfy panels can be fitted to any number of systems, so if you’d prefer to have wall controls for each individual room that’s not a problem.

Smartphone App Controller

Somfy products can be regulated directly from your smartphone, no matter where you are. Simply download the app and sync it to your home system - you can even integrate it directly with a home assistant, such as Amazon’s Alexa. This makes closing or opening your window coverings from bed, or from the office, as simple as a few screen taps.

Automatic Sensors And Timers

Sometimes you don’t want to have to have to manage your window treatments directly. There are plenty of circumstances where Somfy products can simply automate themselves, instead of requiring your input. Timers allow the shades to lift and close throughout the day according to your desired timing and can even detect sunshine and adapt accordingly.

Controlling your newly motorized shades has never been easier. These coverings are a great addition to any home, ensuring your safety and being fully compatible with the busy, modern lifestyle.


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