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Motorized Blinds vs. Shades vs. Curtains

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Motorized Blinds vs. Shades vs. Curtains

Motorized Blinds vs. Shades vs. Curtains | LA Blinds & Shades | Master Blinds

Which is better? That's what the question boils down to. Do motorized blinds, shades or curtains serve you better? Well, as you can probably expect, that all depends. What are you looking to get out of the motorized window treatments? Because different answers will receive different recommendations. But to simplify things, let's give each option's pros and cons a short overview.

First Thing First

Let's talk about the difference between blinds, shades, and curtains before going over the pros and cons of each.

  • Curtains – as you well know, curtains consist of sheets of fabric, pleated, flat, or otherwise stylized that cover the window in its entirety. The main distinction between them and drapes are length and thickness. I.e. drapes tend to be longer and thicker, in general. Curtains and drapes move laterally across a rod set up above the window.
  • Shades – somewhat similar to curtains, window shades also consist of fabric sheets, often stylized in various ways. Cellular and Roman shades are a good example of distinct shade designs. Unlike curtains, though, shades move up and down to cover or expose the window. Meaning, they move vertically instead of horizontally.
  • Blinds – people often misname shades for blinds and vice versa. But there's a clear separation between the two in technical terms. Blinds consist of vanes (vertical or horizontal) made from more rigid materials than fabric. Wood, vinyl, PVC, and even aluminum are common choices. Blinds with vanes/slats allow you to adjust how much sunlight gets through the window without raising or lowering the whole sheet.

Motorized Blinds For Maximum Adjustability

Ok, now that we gave you a short summary about each type of these window coverings, let's delve a bit deeper. When it comes to motorization, window blinds have quite a lot to offer.

  • Maximum Light Control – no surprise, really. Especially seeing as how blinds already present a much more nuanced approach to controlling sunlight. Motorized blinds allow you to adjust the vanes with a remote control, smartphone, wall switch or voice commands.
  • Some Décor Enhancements – this depends on the type of motorized blinds you get, of course. Simple aluminum blinds probably won't add a lot to the interior décor in terms of unique appeal. However, some options like bamboo or faux wood blinds, for example, can contribute a lot.
  • Easier To Clean – since window blinds are made from rigid materials and not fabric, they're more durable. Generally speaking, they're also easier to clean when they get dirty or dusty. With fabric, stains require special treatment, whereas aluminum or vinyl blinds completely minimize these efforts. Wood blinds, however, require more maintenance.

Motorized Shades For Décor & Simplicity

Moving on to the next option, let's talk about what motorized shades have to offer. These relatively simpler window coverings bring some interesting qualities to the table.

  • Beautiful Décor Contributions – obviously, the designed fabric sheets can have all sorts of patterns and styles. From Roman shades to layered coverings and even simple roller shades. Whichever type of motorized shades you choose to get, they're likely going to add a lot more décor to the room than blinds.
  • Simpler Light Control – although blinds offer more adjustability, motorized shades work in a simpler way. They go up or they go down. This makes them better than curtains at blocking sunlight quickly since they move vertically. Some options, like – again – Roman shades, also add décor while halfway opened or closed due to their folding pleated style.
  • Faster Than Curtains – motorized shades tend to be made from thinner fabrics than drapes and curtains. That means they can open and close with more speed.

Motorized Curtains For Pure Elegance

Now we've come to the old fashioned option, combined with a modern twist. Drapery has long been a key part of indoor fashion, and motorized curtains combine that old furnishing with new age technology.

  • Better For Blackout – there's no real argument on this score. Blinds come in third place due to the vanes/slats leaving tiny slivers of lights between them (for the most part). And motorized blackout curtains take the crown over shades made from the same opaque fabric because they tend to be more encompassing. They can cover more than the width of the window, thus easily ensuring that no sunlight gets through the sides. The thickness of the material also allows for much better opacity.
  • Beautiful Designs & Elegance – while shades can also provide a sense of style and elegance, curtains and drapes do this much better. The variation of pleats and trimmings you can get make motorized curtains perfect for creating or complementing any type of style. Their larger size really brings a lot to the room, and can more easily cover wider sized windows.
  • More Accessories – apart from the drapes and curtains themselves, you also have other options. The rod and hooks/ curtain rings can also have a unique design that adds to the décor. You can also get all sorts of valances installed, although, to be fair, those also go with blinds and shades. It's a matter of taste which window covering options "wears" them better, though. But in terms of chronological order, drapes and curtains "did it first".

The Bottom Line

It really comes down to what sort of window treatments you're looking for. What you're hoping to get out of them and what level of sunlight control you'd like to have. Different kinds of blinds, shades, and curtains will serve different home and business owners' needs. The best way to decide is to consult with a professional. Master Blinds offers its services all throughout Los Angeles and all nearby counties. No need to pay for anything. You can schedule a no-obligation consultation with a blinds expert near you and get a free quote too.


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