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Differences Between Motorized Shades, Blinds, and Shutters

Motorized Shading For Home or Workplace

From blinds to rolling shutters to window shades – choose the right remote control coverings for your LA property. For more details, arrange a free estimate!

Differences Between Motorized Shades, Blinds, and Shutters

Motorized Shades vs. Blinds vs. Shutters - Master Blinds

Finding remote control window coverings that suit your needs can be a fun experience. There are a variety of options that can provide something you like. But how do you find the best solution for your home or commercial space? It’s important to focus on exactly what aesthetic and features you want from your motorized blinds or shades, and our LA window treatment specialists are here to help with that.

Why Choose Motorized Blinds

The more physical nature of window blinds makes them more tactile solutions that some find preferable. The use of vanes makes motorized blinds offer a lot more nuance and variety when it comes to controlling sunlight.  Adjusting the vanes lets you decide what levels of sunlight you want inside your LA property, and motorized blinds let you do that by pressing a button. Motorized vertical blinds have vanes that do a better job protecting you when installed on big glass windows. Blackout blinds provide an overlapping vane structure that can completely keep light at bay and make sleep a lot more pleasant.

Why Motorized Shades

Many often choose remote control window shades because of the variety of designs you can achieve with them. Aesthetics are important when choosing new window coverings, as your interior décor is greatly influenced by the window shades. As opposed to blinds, motorized shades don’t have vanes, so the opacity of their material and their position on the window will dictate how much sunlight passes through. With Roman shades, your LA interior gets a variety of possible design choices, making aesthetics rich and elegant if you want. Cellular shades, with honeycomb patterns, are great at adding heat insulation to the room and reducing the impact of heat transfer. Some like the straightforward canvas option of motorized roller shades, which can sport different colors and design patterns to give a richer décor.

Motorized Rolling Shutters For Windows

Somewhat similar to blinds in their aesthetic, rolling shutters provide a far stronger and more secure covering option. With rolling window shutters, you add a thicker layer of protection that can both block sunlight and enhance the security of the surface. You often see rolling shutters in LA used for big sliding glass doors that can become a vulnerability point at night without a proper cover.

LA’s Top Remote Control Shading Solutions

In conclusion, motorized shades and blinds or even rolling shutters have different attributes that make them better or less ideal for your needs. To make your decision easier, you can get expert advice from our team at no cost at all. Looking for a great deal on custom made motorized blinds or shades near the LA area? Reach out to us and schedule a free estimate on any motorized window treatments you’re considering.


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