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The Pros and Cons of Window Blinds In Homes


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The Pros and Cons of Window Blinds In Homes

The Pros and Cons of Window Blinds In Los Angeles Homes

Many people all over the country have been opting to have window-blinds installed in their homes in order to shade their windows, enjoy the benefits of privacy and reduced light infiltration. Window blinds provide a means of easily controlling light, and are easy to keep in good condition, which makes for little surprise that their popularity is growing amongst homeowners who have a keen sense of style and an appreciation for functionality. If you have been considering obtaining a set of blinds or shades for your home, arming yourself with a little information about their benefits and drawbacks will ensure that you make the best possible purchasing decision. So, to help you, here are some of the most commonly acknowledged advantages and disadvantages of having window-blinds in the home, beginning with the advantages.

Block Sunlight More Effectively

Shade blinds are one of the most effective solutions for blocking sunlight from entering your home. Harmful UV rays will damage and fade the fabric of your indoor furniture over time, which makes finding a solution that adequately protects them from sunlight a priority for all homeowners. Since window-blinds are an excellent way to block sunlight from your living areas, they are the perfect companion for protecting your furniture from damage. Moreover, window-blinds in the bedroom will help you get you uninterrupted morning sleep on the weekends.

Improve Light Control

Window-blinds are not just excellent at blocking light, but controlling it as well. Since their slats are typically adjustable, blinds make it fairly easy to control how much light to let into your home. This way you can reduce heat or light without completely eliminating it or obstructing the view. Because of this advantage, window-blinds are an excellent addition to living rooms, entrance halls, and open spaces.

Seamlessly Cool Your Home

Keeping the sun out in the summer months can be a frustrating experience since people often suffer a loss of airflow in their homes if they aim to keep the sun out. Since window-blinds have adjustable slats, they can completely block the sun out while encouraging air flow through your home, essentially cooling it more effectively than curtains. Curtains can also become a bit of an obstacle when used to cover open windows or doors since they flap about when a breeze comes through. Window-blinds on the other hand, remain stationary as the air cooling your living areas flows seamlessly through them.

Enjoy Superior Privacy

Large windows are beautiful, but it can be difficult to enjoy the privacy of your own home if you cannot effectively cover your windows. While curtains provide a good solution for privacy, window-blinds can do even better thanks to their adjustable slats. They can be configured to allow you to see out while anyone looking in will have an obstructed view. For complete privacy, the interwoven slats can be flattened down to block the view, while allowing you to see out by maneuvering an individual slat. For this reason, even the most affordable blinds are perfect for ensuring privacy in your living areas.

Easy To Clean

Anyone who has ever had the misfortune of having to clean their curtains will tell you that it is no task for the faint-hearted. And since curtains tend to drag on the floor, they need to be cleaned fairly regularly. Window-blinds, on the other hand, can be cleaned simply by being wiped down in most cases unless they have been neglected for a particularly long time. Because of this, window-blinds can cut hours out of your house-cleaning routine, making them good for households that want to reduce their cleaning time, or have no interest in spending hours a month washing curtains.

They Can Be Customized

Blinds are not just built for functionality. Since they are an important part of your home décor, they also keep aesthetics in mind. While there are plenty of stock blinds in shops to choose from, those with a hands-on approach to the interior image of their home may find it useful to have custom window blinds made by a manufacturer that fits perfectly with the needs and style of their home. Customization options include materials, colors, patterns and in some cases, functionality, giving your home an expressive quality that matches your furnishing and finishes.

But Nothing Is Perfect

Despite the major benefits of having window-blinds, they also come with a number of drawbacks. It is important to consider the limitations of any choice you make if you are to make it with confidence. So, even though it may seem trivial, here are a few disadvantages to having blinds in your home.

They May Require Maintenance

Modern blinds add functionality in terms of how they stow away and how the slats can be adjusted to control the amounts of light that they let in. Because of this, they are made up of fairly intricate mechanisms and components that give it this functionality. These components may become worn-down or stuck over a period of consistent operation. While it might take time, your blinds will eventually require a little maintenance from your end to keep them operable. In most cases, maintenance tasks need to be performed infrequently, and are fairly easy to do by yourself without spending any money, which makes this disadvantage a minor inconvenience at worst.

They Are Susceptible To Damage

Perhaps a more troubling disadvantage posed by the inner workings of window-blinds is that they can be damaged fairly easily if not handled with care. If for instance, the cord or slats are mishandled, they could be damaged in such a way as to leave the window-blinds ineffective or inoperable.

Despite these disadvantages, we believe that the advantages of having window blinds far outweigh the costs, and look forward to helping you find the perfect set for your home. 

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