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Are Smart Blinds Worth It?

Blog | Are Smart Blinds Worth It?

With the inception of remote control blinds, we’ve seen huge developments and advancements in the motorized shading solution field. Initially, a simple set of Venetian blinds with remote control was all you could hope to get for your windows. Those were cumbersome and inefficient, not to mention noisy and slow. Nowadays, we have motorized blinds and shades that can offer your LA property, whether residential or commercial, a wide variety of remote control window treatments that offer fantastic aesthetics and very efficient and convenient features.

Motorized Shading Solutions – Custom Made Size & Design

The beauty about automatic window coverings, besides the actual beauty of their designs, is the variety of combinations one can create. With custom-made blinds and shades, you can choose different décors to complement the interior designs of different rooms, and create made-to-size motorized blinds or shades that completely cover the designated spot. From skylight blinds to motorized Roman shades in a variety of unique looks, LA window treatments with remote controls are now easier than ever to find. As motorized shading solutions allow for a variety of remote control features, wireless and wired power sources, and all sorts of smart programs, you can truly optimize your use of natural sunlight diffusion and improve energy efficiency.

Introducing Smart Window Blinds

With the combination of wireless blinds motorized with silent opening and closing functions, new remote control features became available. With smart blinds, you can use smart devices (phone, tablet) to connect to the system, monitor, and control it. Use your smartphone to raise or lower your motorized smart blinds, adjust the vane positioning, or even set a timer to have them open or close automatically for you. You also have the option now to integrate motorized blinds with smart home systems like Alexa, Echo, Google Home, and others.  That creates the ability to control motorized smart blinds with voice commands. This technological advancement makes everything even easier and more convenient to use.

Somfy Blinds and Lutron Motorized Shades

As two of the dominant forces in the field of smart shading solutions, Somfy and Lutron provide excellent choices for both indoor and outdoor coverings. With smart Somfy blinds controls, you can enjoy all sorts of unique remote control features that provide the utmost convenience with smart switches and wireless Wi-Fi connectivity. This creative ingenuity has made Somfy blinds and Lutron shades the go-to choice for many LA area properties. Lutron shades and their smart controls give you great dimmer options and excellent sunlight diffusion properties with sheer motorized shades, roller coverings, and even blackout curtains and drapes.

Affordable Smart Blinds For LA Windows

You might assume that such advanced motorized window treatments would require taking out a second mortgage just to afford them. Well, good news then! With the excellent discounts and sales Master Blinds offer to all customers near the LA area, motorized smart blinds and shades come at low costs, completely custom made. To learn more and find the specific combination of design and utility for your budget and needs, get in touch with us to book a free estimate consultation appointment on smart blinds, shades, or rolling shutters at your business or residence.


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