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Top 3 Best Shades for Your Bathroom

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Top 3 Best Shades for Your Bathroom

Pleated Roman Shades | Blinds Dealers Near LA

Why Have Shades In The Bathroom?

The bathroom is usually one of the most compact rooms in the house and one that frequently deals with moisture and steam. Bathrooms should always be fitted to make the most of your space and be equipped to deal with moisture. Here we take a look at the designs of window blinds that we think are ideal options for the bathroom.

Designs With Headrails

Shades that open and close from a Headrail can include roller shades, cellular shades, and roman shades. In comparison to curtains, these types of shades are perfect for smaller winders with tight space restrictions. Curtains can be too cumbersome and overcrowd your window.

Roman Shades for a Classic Touch

The biggest advantage of Roman style shades is the aesthetic they bring. They have a period look about them that would be perfect within a period property. The multi-layer folding of Roman shades is not only very effective in terms of space saving, but it also delivers a character that sits perfectly in line with modern interior design.

Cellular Shades Offer Great Efficiency

Not only are cellular shades efficient in terms of space, they also offer great insulation benefits. The material used in their hexagonal structured sheets is usually a waterproof polymer, which is great for dispelling moisture. This means less time cleaning or replacing them like you would with fabric curtains that absorb moisture and decay faster.

Most Roller Shades Are Cheap & Cheerful

If you're looking for the most sensibly priced options, roller shades are the style to aim for. They are very simple in terms of their design, are incredibly easy to use, and are one of the most widely used styles available. The fact that they are easy to use is a huge advantage if you host guests frequently. The sheet used for the shade is easy to cut to the perfect size at a low cost and a range of waterproof fabrics can be used to ensure the shade is ideal for the bathroom. By selecting one of the most common designs, you’ll have access to a wide range of colors, which will make it easier to find a set that matches your current decor perfectly.


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