Home featuring exterior plantation shutters for privacy and style.

Plantation Shutters For Windows

When you’re looking to add new window coverings to your property, plantation shutters are an excellent choice. These window treatments are efficient, providing excellent insulation, sound protection, and light control, making them an excellent choice for any home. Plantation shutters are also easier to clean than many other window coverings, so you won’t struggle to keep them looking their best. Add value to your Sherman Oaks house by choosing a set of high-quality custom plantation shutters from our extensive range.

Choosing Your New Plantation Shutters

We’re proud to offer you an excellent range of choices when it comes to finding plantation shutters. At Sherman Oaks, we understand that no two homes are alike, so it’s essential to have a selection of different designs that complement any style. We produce custom plantation shutters in a range of materials, using real wood and plastic to provide great-looking window coverings for any home. Choose from a variety of colors and finishes, all of which are completed to our high standards.

Plantation shutters adding a touch of sophistication to a working room.

Wooden Shutters Add Timeless Charm To Any Home

What could be better than real wooden shutters? These window coverings are one of the most popular choices for Sherman Oaks homeowners, simply because they look so great. That isn’t the only reason why custom wooden shutters are so popular, though. These window coverings are also efficient, providing long-lasting durability as well as a stunning range of design options.

Choose from a vast list of colors and finishes, allowing you to match your new wooden shutters to your home’s design with ease.

Man creating a cool breeze by opening plantation shutters.

Find The Perfect Shutters For Your Windows

There are many different window coverings available, and you might find it difficult to know precisely which one is right for you. Should you choose custom plantation shutters? What about the benefits of modern shutters? Which style is best for your home, and what finish should you choose? There’s a lot to take in, which is why we provide free consultations throughout the Sherman Oaks area. See what your new custom shutters will look like before you order them. This provides peace of mind, as well as an excellent opportunity for you to speak with our specialists.

Get in touch today to see what we could do for you.

Interior Plantation Shutters Elevate Decor

These old-style window treatments sport wider louvers, making their presence eye-catching and fantastic for larger windows. Plantation shutters have a distinct look that can enhance the interior décor while providing very effective sunlight management with larger slats and a strong build.

Open plantation shutters allowing natural light to fill a space.

Energy Efficient Shutters

Keep rooms cooler during the summer with improved sunlight management.

Durable plantation shutters offering long-lasting style and functionality.

Better For Wide Windows

Plantation shutters suit larger windows very well thanks to their larger louvers.

Plantation shutters closed for a cozy and private evening atmosphere.

Modern Shutters

Choose modern window shutters to combine old-timey looks with new age solutions.

Why Choose Plantation Shutters

Do these classic window treatments offer the shading solutions you need?

Modern home featuring plantation shutters for a timeless look.

Improve Indoor Cooling

Save money on electricity by utilizing plantation shutters to keep rooms cooler and keep heated air and sunlight outside during the hottest hours.

Plantation shutters open to capture the morning sunlight.

Prevent Sunlight Fading

Protect wallpapers, floors, furniture and upholstery from direct sunlight using plantation shutters as a buffer.

Textured close-up of plantation shutters, showcasing their timeless design.

Complete Sunlight Control

Plantation window shutters offer you the full range of solutions, from full light to complete blackout. You decide.

Plantation Shutters For Commercial Spaces

Restaurants & Hotels

The versatility of window shutters, plantation-style, makes them great décor additions to all guest experiences.

Control sunlight and temperature with adjustable plantation shutters on patio doors.

Interior Designers

Open the door to new possibilities with window shutters that flaunt classic looks and offer great utility.

Open patio doors framed by elegant plantation shutters, offering a bright and airy feel.

General Contractors

Create custom rooms with a specific look and feel created by traditional style window shutters.

What Can Classic Window Shutters Offer You?

Find out by scheduling a free in-person consultation with our expert design team and learn about the different options plantation shutters for windows present to your local property.

Warranty & Safety

Learn about our extensive warranty (from 5-years to lifetime) and the reliability of our manufacturing that ensures quality craftsmanship and smooth operation for all our window treatments.

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