White fabric pleated shades dressing a living room window.

Pleated Window Shades Add New Aesthetics

Pleated shades are a great-looking option for controlling natural light. They’re perfect for reducing glare without taking up a lot of space. Pleated shades can fit seamlessly into the design of any residential or commercial property. These pleated window coverings are ideally suited to a wide range of different purposes.

Consult with Master Blinds to customize the color and design of your new custom pleated shades.

White pleated shades with a textured fabric on a bedroom window.

A Range of Pleated Shade Styles

Pleated shades are available in two different formats. You’ve got free-hanging treatments suited to standard windows, and rectangular skylight shade units. They’re a perfect low-profile way to control natural light input. This type of window covering is also exceptionally versatile, coming in a huge range of different colors to suit any room’s décor.

The pleated build of these shades gives them an elegant décor enhancement that’s perfect for accentuating room areas without ‘stealing the show’. You’ve got a wide selection of textures and colors to choose for your new pleated shades, all of which can be motorized for that extra high-tech utility.

Green pleated shades with a decorative valance above a bedroom window.

Choosing New Custom Pleated Shades

It can be hard to visualize exactly how your room will look with new pleated shades installed. That’s why Master Blinds offers a free consultation service, with no obligation. Our representative will meet with you to help you to decide on the perfect combination of style and function, guiding you through the process of choosing the ideal custom pleated shades for your home. Once you decide on a window treatment option, we’ll take precise measurements of your windows.

You can be certain that your new pleated shades will fit perfectly, and will enhance the interior décor significantly. Master Blinds offers its services to all nearby cities, including Glendale and Santa Monica. Get in touch with us if you’re interested in custom pleated shades or other types of window treatments.

White pleated shades creating a calming atmosphere in a bedroom.

How Pleated Shade Systems Work

The unique structure of these pleated window coverings is their main attraction. They’re sewn into segmented slats that create the leveled build. This is what creates the pleated look, that maintains its appeal and appearance even when the shades are partly drawn. They open parts hang there, stacked into neat slats that form an eye-catching feature.

The pleated design is something many home and business decorators in West Hollywood and Calabasas love. It’s no wonder why pleated shades are so popular near the greater Los Angeles area.

Pink pleated window blinds in a detailed shot, showcasing the folds of the fabric.

Low Maintenance Pleated Shades

Another advantage of this type of window covering is its simple maintenance. Unlike other types of blinds, pleated shades are incredibly compact when stored. This means they won’t pick up a lot of dirt and dust while closed, reducing the frequency with which they need to be cleaned. As with all of our blinds and shades, these custom-made pleated window treatments come with a warranty. You can rest assured you’re getting a top-quality shading product that will last a very long time.

Pleated Shade Dealers Near You

If you’re considering installing new window coverings in your home or business, don’t settle for any less than the best. Master Blinds offers free consultations to anyone close to the Los Angeles area. Make sure you get in contact with us to find out about the different types of pleated shades and all the available customization options.

Custom Pleated Shade Solutions

Why settle for a smooth or blank canvas when you can combine the appeal of drapery with the reliability of window shades? Pleated covering solutions let you enjoy the best of both worlds, making Roman-style window treatments a treat to enhance décor in any room.

A female hand holds a cord for blackout blinds

Roman-style Pleated Shades

Lavish looks and elegance added to any indoor space with made-to-measure pleated coverings in different styles.

A woman is holding remote control for blackout shades for her kitchen windows

Effective Sunlight Diffusion

Create more hospitable environments with sheer or blackout pleated shades that set the tone without becoming overbearing.

Blackout blinds with wall mounted controls

Energy Efficient Shades

With additional layers or cells, pleated shade systems can effectively trap air and mitigate heat transfer during the day or night hours.

What Pleated Shades Do Your Windows Need?

With a range of decorative designs and functional features, pleated shades help you solve many shading problems in style!

White bedroom with dark grey blackout blinds

Room Darkening Pleated Bedroom Shades

Manage sunlight to promote better sleep while enjoying high-end shades pleated to match the style you want to create in your bedroom.

A modern office with tall windows covered with motorized blackout blinds

Motorized Pleated Shade Systems

From automation to smartphone connectivity and IoT integration, smart motorized pleated shade solutions can suit a wide range of tastes and needs. Find the best option for yours.

A modern bathroom with blackout blinds on the windows

Sheer Pleated Window Shades

With natural sunlight diffusion enabling you to create comfortable indoor environments, sheer pleated shades reduce glare and soften daylight while improving décor with pleated styles.

Pleated Shade Systems For Different Industries

Pleated Office Shades

Who says office spaces have to maintain demure styles? Pleated shades for office windows let you create unique aesthetics while remaining formal and professional.

An architecture office space with blackout blinds on windows

Interior Designers & Architects

Any professional who deals in design understands the variety of possibilities. Pleated shades open the door to cultivate sophisticated decor choices for different rooms by complementing and not overtaking the main focal point.

A hospital ordination with blackout blinds

Restaurants & Hotels

Elegance is a hot commodity for different dining and lodging establishments, and pleated shades enable hotel lobbies, guest rooms, and restaurant sections to flaunt a refined look via their windows.

Why Choose Pleated Shades?

Let the experts at Master Blinds answer your questions.

Find out about the different high-end materials, motorization features, and diverse styles that can make pleated shade systems great for your specific requirements. Book an appointment for a free in-person consultation with the leading shading experts near you to learn more.

Warranty & Safety

Learn about our extensive warranty (from 5-years to lifetime) and the reliability of our manufacturing that ensures quality craftsmanship and smooth operation for all our window treatments.

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