Sliding Glass Door Blinds & Shades

Do you need a set of custom sliding door blinds? Our products are perfect for keeping your property protected from glaring sunlight. You’ll also get the right level of privacy whenever you need it. Choose from plenty of different materials and designs to make sure you get the ideal window coverings for your sliding door. We pride ourselves on providing a real personal touch. If you’d like a little assistance choosing your new custom sliding door blinds, then just give us a call. We’ll be happy to arrange a free no-obligation consultation at your property in the Los Angeles area.

Patio Door Shades In Los Angeles

Your patio doors provide plenty of natural light, but they can also be a liability. Don’t just put up with dazzling sunshine. Invest in a set of custom patio door shades, and get the level of comfort you deserve. We create custom shades in a wide range of different designs, so we can offer the perfect complement to any interior design scheme.

Versatile Motorized Vertical Blinds

Versatile and attractive, we believe vertical blinds are one of the best ways to improve your Los Angeles home. Even more so when you choose motorized blinds. These provide all the flexibility and design options of our custom window coverings, including many different materials. With motorized vertical blinds, though, you’ll also get next-level convenience. Schedule a free consultation in-person to learn about the versatile options for vertical window treatments for the home or workplace.

Los Angeles French Door Blinds

Do you worry about your French doors? With our custom blinds for sliding doors, you’ll always get protection from the blazing sun, without any inconvenience. Our custom design options let you choose exactly the right combination of materials and colors for your home. Speak with Master Blinds specialists in your area to find out how our range of custom French door blinds can suit your needs.

Rolling Shutters For Windows

Do you want high-quality protection for your Los Angeles property? Invest in our range of rolling shutters. These window coverings are an excellent way to keep your property secure, whilst also looking great. Choose from our wide range of colors, and find the perfect design to make your property look fantastic. Our representatives are always happy to help you choose the right design, so simply get in touch today to arrange a free consultation.

Curtains For Sliding Doors In Los Angeles

One of the most attractive window coverings around, our selection of custom curtains for sliding doors gives you the ultimate in flexibility. Choose from a huge range of materials, including blackout curtains for maximum light control. Our impressive selection of different designs includes attractive valances and roman shades, so you can be sure of finding something to suit your home or commercial business. Call anytime to book a free estimate on any covers for doors or windows you want.

Sliding Glass Door Blinds – Longer Shading Solutions

The bigger the window in question, the larger the blinds or shades you’ll need to cover all of it properly. From French doors to window walls, different shade systems suit big windows and sliding glass patio doors. It’s important to find blinds for sliding doors or window walls that offer the optimized solution for that specific opening. Otherwise, insufficient coverage, lack of proper privacy and sunlight control, and even damage to the blinds themselves can occur. Master Blinds makes finding the right sliding door blinds and large window treatments easy with custom shade solutions and free consultations in person.

Bay Window Blinds & Shades

The right style of treatments for large glass windows ensures easy coverage and continuous protection.

Long Drapes

With a lavish look and a classic décor, long curtains and draperies solve the shade problem like no other treatments.

Motorized Door Blinds

Not just for windows, remote control window treatments enhance sunlight management with all openings.

Choosing The Right Blinds For Sliding Doors & Window Walls

Different sliding glass patio doors and window walls need specific coverings to suit your needs and décor tastes.


Window Shutters

Whether shutters with large louvers or rolling shutters that cover window walls, these window treatments offer great solutions for larger surface areas.


Blackout Curtains

Thick fabrics and extended lengths make draperies with room darkening qualities excellent for shading bigger windows, doors, and glass walls.


Vertical Sliding Door Blinds

With the opposite of horizontal slats, vertical blinds don’t bend from gravity and offer excellent coverage for sliding glass doors, office window walls, and more.

Commercial Sliding Door Blinds & Window Shutters

Office Spaces – Vertical Blinds

This traditional look has existed for decades, and offers fantastic results with a variety of styles.

Restaurants & Hotels – Shutters

Rolling window shutters present a fantastic solution to cover sliding glass doors for balconies, patios, and more.

Interior Design – Draperies

Blackout curtains and drapes create elegant décor styles and effectively cover large windows in any designed space.

Free In-Person Consultations On Sliding Door Blinds & More

From rolling window screens to shutters and lavish draperies, Master Blinds helps you find the sliding glass door shade solutions you need in the custom design and size you need it. We help residential and commercial clients elevate their interior décor and capture the perfect vibe their going for with high-end shutters for window walls, vertical blinds for patio doors, and many other covering options. Book an appointment for a free in-person consultation with our designers to learn more.

Warranty & Safety

Learn about our extensive warranty (from 5-years to lifetime) and the reliability of our manufacturing that ensures quality craftsmanship and smooth operation for all our window treatments.

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