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Wood Blinds For Windows

If you’re looking to give your home a cozy, natural feel, then wood blinds are an excellent design choice to go with. These window treatments can filter sunlight to provide a soft and balanced ambiance, while still offering all the privacy and convenience of other materials.

Master Blinds provided many home and business owners in Los Angeles with these beautiful looking blinds, and will gladly do the same for you.

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A Huge Range Of Styles

Wood blinds come in many different designs to suit any home’s decor. Our custom-made coverings can be built to match your exact needs and the precise measurements of your windows. Choose from a wide range of finishes, from light or dark natural wood to painted finishes that complement the rest of your interior style choices. There’s never any need to compromise with our versatile blinds and shades options, as our vast range of products has something for everyone.

Our Design Process

Our team believes that blinds are an important part of any room, which is why our installers always go the extra mile to ensure that yours are perfectly fitted. Because every home is different, both in terms of décor and utility requirements, Master Blinds offers a free no-obligation consultation, where one of our experts will help you to select the best combination of style and material for your home. All of our coverings are made to measure by our experienced team, to ensure they fit perfectly to any window or glass door you choose to install them on.

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Looking After Your Wood Blinds

Our company is proud to offer a five-year warranty on all of our products, exemplifying the trust we have in our design process and the quality of our products. Great design should stand the test of time, so our team works hard to ensure that all of our blinds and shades are of the highest quality. Our wooden blinds are strong and long-lasting, and require very minimal maintenance; simply keep them clean and dry, and remove any stains with a gentle detergent and a soft cloth.

Order Your New Wood Blinds Today

Put the finishing touches on any room with our custom made wood blinds. Don’t settle for less than the best. Contact Master Blinds today to book a free in-home consultation with our experts on which of our top quality wooden window treatments are the best ones for your needs.

The Benefits Of Wood Blinds

As a highly popular option, wooden window blinds possess mesmerizing warmth and softness and come with all sorts of advantages that make them look great and serve the needs of different rooms incredibly well.

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Natural Thermal Insulation

Wood blinds offer excellent energy efficient additions that help preserve the coziness and comfort of indoor environments.

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Strong Window Blinds

With proper care, wooden blinds can withstand long years of use without losing their aesthetic appearance.

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Privacy & Room Darkening

Wood blinds are entirely solid and completely opaque, making them great for blackout conditions and added privacy.

Wood Blinds For Different Needs

Great for multiple purposes, wooden window treatments can meet different requirements and complement different spaces.

Aluminum window treatments in a bedroom

Wooden Blinds For Living Rooms

Elevate the interior décor with homey wood blinds that introduce a rich texture to living spaces and create warmth, coziness, and comfort.

Bathroom window with aluminum blinds

Wood Blinds For Large Windows

Cover even large window walls with these naturally insulating wooden window treatments that bring a classic aesthetic to the space.

Aluminum screen in a modern living room

Blackout Wooden Bedroom Blinds

Sleep better with improved room darkening qualities provided by wood blinds on your bedroom windows.

Commercial Wood Blinds Solutions


Model the perfect home environment by harnessing the intimate and soothing qualities of wood blinds for windows.

A look at the office through aluminum blinds

Interior Design Enhancement

Complement the texture and aesthetic of relaxed room environments with natural window treatment solutions.

A view at the dock through aluminum blinds

Office Spaces

Make your workplace environment unique, creative, and welcoming with wood blinds custom made to each office window.

What Can Wood Blinds Offer You?

Find out about all the benefits and features of our custom made wooden window blinds! Arrange an appointment for a free in-person consultation with no obligation and learn why wood blinds have become such a classically beautiful and comfortable solution both for residences and commercial spaces.

Warranty & Safety

Learn about the Limited Lifetime Warranty on our custom aluminum blinds and why we care about making all our products safe for all rooms.

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